Location & Contact

Steven Gibson

Dr. Lawrence Gilbert

Dr. Kenneth Wray

Location & Directions

403 Old Antioch Rd, Smithville, TX 78957

Directions to Stengl Lost Pines Biological Research Station

The entrance to the field station is located about 3.5 miles (15 minutes drive) from Hwy 71.

From Austin: Take Hwy 71 East, through Bastrop, and nine miles past the intersection of Hwy 71 and Hwy 95. Watch for a large Chevron gas station on the right side of the highway. Immediately after the Chevron, turn left onto KLBJ Road, then make the immediate left onto CR 174 (also called Ann Powell Rd.) Follow the instructions "From Hwy. 71" below. Driving time from Austin is about one hour.

From Houston: Drive west on Interstate 10 until Hwy 71, near Columbus. Take Hwy 71 West, past Smithville. Just past the last of the three exits for Smithville, watch for KLBJ Road (Bastrop County Road 177) and signs to "Science Park". Turn right on KLBJ Road then make an immediate left onto CR174 (also called Ann Powell Rd.) then follow the instructions "From Hwy. 71" below... Driving time from Houston is about 2 hours.

From Hwy. 71: Follow Anne Powell Road (CR 174) for 0.8 miles until it ends in a T-junction at Park Road 1C. Watch for more signs directing you to "Science Park". Turn left onto Park Rd 1C and drive the winding road through the piney woods (you are inside Buescher State Park). Drive past the entrance to the MD Anderson Science Park (at 0.6 miles from Ann Powell Rd), to Old Antioch Rd, which is the first road that turns right past the Science Park. Follow Old Antioch Road 1.4 miles where it makes a sharp turn to the right at Broken Tree Lane. The first gate on the right is the Manager's Residence (401 Old Antioch), and the second gate (403 Old Antioch) is the entrance to the field station.