Get Involved

Stengl Lost Pines Biological Station is an invaluable resource, not just for students and faculty, but for the broader community of the Lost Pines region. SLP offers volunteering opportunities and public outreach programs that cater to citizen scientists of all ages. Read on to find out how you can get involved and show support for your local scientific community 

Visit and Volunteer

While SLP has limited staff to guide tours and visitor activities, we do give some tours of the property and encourage youth involvement through our outreach programs. We also welcome adult-age volunteers (18+) to lead our outreach tours and help with property surveys that will contribute to detailed maps of the field station, as well as help our team manage landscaping and small improvement projects. These volunteer opportunities are offered to both UT students and members of the public. Please contact us if you are interested in serving as a volunteer at SLP.


The future of SLP depends on your support. By donating to the UT field stations, you do your part to ensure that students can continue to benefit from the unique educational experience that SLP has to offer and contribute to the funding of research. Public donations are also used to help build endowments to fund faculty, provide scholarships for students, and fund special projects for facility and habitat improvements. 

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